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UX Design

Order a survey to understand your target audience through insights and assess whether your product’s usability is suitable for the market context in which it is inserted.


With the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) you can test your product in the market investing the least amount possible and developing only the essential features.


Visualize how your product will look with a fully navigable prototype with a finished layout, without having to invest in project programming steps.


Integrate different platforms and cloud services, legacy or not, to optimize resource management and allow the visualization of different data, metrics and results in a single place.

Tests and QA

Ensure the quality of your project with a QA expert to select how and which tests should be done and automated without wasting time or resources.


Bring in a professional to coordinate your development and infrastructure teams, increasing the efficiency of your business and accelerating value deliveries.


Book a consultation with our management team to plan the next steps in the development of your digital business, receive insights about a project or reorganize the technology sector in your company.


Set up a CMS like WordPress and get access to a quick and easy way to manage your branded content, like blog posts or website pages.


Schedule a consultation to analyze how your business can be driven by technology or assess the feasibility of a digital project.


Integrate your online store with a secure and easy-to-use payment system, based on the same technology used by the largest e-commerces on the market.


Acquire a team of experts to develop or optimize an app, adding functionality, redesigning layouts and flows to make it exactly how your brand needs it.

Customer's area

Add a logged-in area for customers on your brand’s website or platform and offer several exclusive features such as order tracking, balance inquiry, product sales and many others.


Automate the audit process at your brokerage and track the entire flow of information in a single, intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard.

Back office

Develop a back office to manage your company’s internal processes in an organized and efficient way, such as inventory control, logistics chain supervision, goal tracking and financial balance.

Web Portal

Vulnerability Tests

Carry out a thorough review of your system, website or platform to find potential vulnerabilities and protect yourself from attempted cyber attacks.

Data Collection and Processing

Here Usabit’s service is to help the customer to do this. Operate data collection.

Data Security

Vulnerabilities can be found in systems, which can compromise information security. Count on our experts to execute data protection best practices.

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See what technology can do


Institutional web site, application, customer and investor dashboards for a modern and avant-garde broker. See our impact on Necton!

Communication and Entertainment

See how we designed a new radio experience, now available in an application, for one of the biggest broadcasters in the country!


Management of leads, back office and high performance investments with safety and agility. Get to know our project with Leste!

Beautye Beleza

Discover how we created an 100% online platform for sales of courses and events for one of the biggest players in the beauty market!


Find out the transformative potential of technology on environment with this marketplace for waste disposal!


Investments and transformation converge with Farol Venture’s website and platform!


The complete transformation of digital presence for one of the biggest superior education ecosystems in Brazil!

You company cannot depend on Whatsapp

Revolutionize the way you communicate in the post-pandemic world with Space. Speed and organization that your company needs to grow.


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