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Operating in the waste management and disposal market for five years, Aterra is a startup that stands out for its innovation and versatility. Its aim is to connect buyers and sellers of waste, optimizing the disposal process and helping to restore the environment.

In order to achieve that, Aterra also has areas dedicated to projects, research and development, which guarantee the constant creation of customized and sustainable solutions.


A brand with such modern propositions and values couldn't afford to offer a service that didn't reflect this. So, in order to connect waste-generating industries and potential buyers, Aterra chose to develop a digital platform that works like a marketplace. On it, companies can advertise the sale of waste or buy it, according to its role in the disposal chain.

But for this tool to work efficiently, it is very important that everything is in order, especially in terms of interface and usability.

Our team was therefore responsible for working on Aterra's marketplace, optimizing the dashboard of interactions between waste sellers and buyers, updating information and page layouts and offering User Experience support.

Finally, to ensure that the company's values and quality of service were clear even to those who have not yet become clients, we created a brand new website for Aterra!

Solutions implemented:

– Structuring the back-end and interface for the new institutional website

– Redesign of layouts and interfaces

– UX planning and design

– Support and code optimization for marketplace platform


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