Digital Consultancy

Set your business on the path to the future.

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Make waves in the digital age with a partner who masters technology.


Get in touch and schedule a meeting to map out your company's tech potential


Let's identify the technology solutions that will bring the best results for your context

Plan of action

And present an action plan to implement the solutions in a practical way

An universe of possibilities for your company


Bring in a professional to coordinate your development and infrastructure teams, increasing the efficiency of your business and accelerating valuable deliveries.


As you may already know, the DPO is in charge of data and the implementation of compliance with the new general data protection law. This means that if your company uses personal data of individuals, hiring a DPO may be necessary. Usabit can help you better understand and adapt your operation to the new legislation.

Data Security

Vulnerabilities can be found in systems and compromise information security. You can count on our experts to execute data protection best practices.


Talk to our legal expert to ensure that your company complies with the rules of the new General Data Protection Law and avoid headaches.


Schedule a meeting with one of our consultants to assess the feasibility of your digital project or analyze how your business can be driven by technology.

Landing Pages

Improve your conversions, capture new leads or make users take an action to impact your results quickly and effectively. We do everything from copy and layout to development and SEO!

Data Collection and Processing

Leave the data capture and processing to the experts and have qualified information always at hand to guide strategic decisions


Make scheduling services more efficient for your customers and your business by automating integrations between CRMs, calendars, chatbots, and booking.


Share information, fulfill orders from your customers, or work on converting leads using pre-programmed conversations on WhatsApp or your platform of choice.


Hire a team of programming experts to make projects of any level of complexity a reality, from applications to web platforms and integrations.


Acquire a team of experts to develop or optimize an app, adding functionalities, redesigning layouts and flows to make it exactly how your brand needs it.


Integrate your online store with a secure and easy-to-use payment system, based on the same technology used by the largest e-commerce companies.

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See what technology can do


Institutional web site, application, customer and investor dashboards for a modern and avant-garde broker. See our impact on Necton!

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Communication and Entertainment

See how we designed a new radio experience, now available in an application, for one of the biggest broadcasters in the country!

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Management of leads, back office and high performance investments with safety and agility. Get to know our project with Leste!

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Discover how we created an 100% online platform for sales of courses and events for one of the biggest players in the beauty market!

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Find out the transformative potential of technology on environment with this marketplace for waste disposal!

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Investments and transformation converge with Farol Venture’s website and platform!

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The complete transformation of digital presence for one of the biggest superior education ecosystems in Brazil!