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Farol Ventures is an investment company created to help turn inspiring ideas into reality through Venture Capital. Drawing on the vast experience of its founders, the brand is able to identify strategic investment opportunities while supporting entrepreneurs, providing the necessary knowledge to contribute to the growth of companies and startups.


Its members have expertise in the most diverse and important areas for building a business, guaranteeing Farol authority in its field, which ranges from monitoring results to creating innovative solutions for its clients. With a clear purpose and all the means at its disposal to achieve their goals, Farol just needed a technology partner who shared its values to accompany it on its journey.

Our first mission was to develop a new institutional website, designing layouts, structures and interfaces that would deliver the best usability and reflect the brand's image. After this successful start, we began prototyping Farol Digital, a platform that will bring together all the knowledge of the company's team of experts, offering complete guidance for those who want to see their business grow!

Solutions Implemented:

– Survey of functionalities and integration of the website and digital platform;

– Construction of wireframes to validate structures;

– UX design

– Creation of a new visual identity for the website and digital platform

– Adaptation of Farol’s communication for investor and entrepreneur audiences

– Integration of the site with Google Tag Manager and Analytics

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