Necton is a modern investment broker, bold and very different from what might be considered traditional. Given this scenario, Usabit was asked to develop the company's digital products: institutional website, application and client portal, investor room, as well as the entire backoffice.

The project's first challenge was to completely overhaul the institutional website, with the aim of using the best SEO practices and thus achieving a more robust performance. On the list of improvements are the implementation of the responsive version; usability in the content registration process; List of Funds in the logged-out area; List of Fixed Income; List of COE and List of Public Offers.

And the work didn't stop there: a number of requests were made by our team for the Client Portal. Initially, we only worked on the implementation of the 2018 Income Report for the 2019 Income Tax return, where some improvements were made to the current account statement and layout adjustments to the project's front-end. The result was pleasing, especially given the immediate way in which we resolved the suggested issues, and Usabit became responsible for all the fixed support for the portal and the website.

Contract closed, we developed a dedicated resource exclusively for the client's portal and another for the institutional website. Our team, quick on the trigger, wasted no time implementing the following improvements:

  • – Investment in COEs: adhesion flow and backoffice management;
  • – Investment in Treasuries: purchase, redemption, reinvestment and recurring scheduling;
  • – Custody Events: adhesion flow, conversion of information from the Exchange’s services to the database and sending of notifications;
  • – Adherence to the RLP;
  • – Investment in Funds: redesign of the interface, refactoring of queries in the backend;
  • – Improvements to the display of the client’s portfolio: redesign of the interface;
  • – Current account withdrawal request
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In addition to developing all the functionalities of the client’s portal, the need arose to manage some information through an internal tool developed specifically for Necton. This is how a new project for the client came about, called Backoffice. In it, we developed the following functionalities:

  • Managing access profiles to each feature within the brokerage;
  • – Registering content for the portal;
  • – Monitoring the company’s internal routines/processes.

Our work then extended to the development of the app and the investor lounge. In order to reduce the cost of development for the client, the programming language chosen was React Native, capable of creating a single code to serve both platforms: Android and iOS.

The result: we generated the app for both platforms and reproduced all the portal’s existing functionalities in it. As for the analysis room, the challenge was to develop a highly functional chat system, where Necton’s clients can access certain rooms to consume daily content from a wide range of experts. An online experience, practically live.

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