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Leste is a business platform founded by professionals with extensive experience in the field and focused on managing high-performance alternative investments. It is committed to excellence and constant improvement. Therefore, in an effort to offer a more agile and efficient service to its potential investors, Leste decided to develop an app. And this is where Usabit came in!


A good app, with intuitive interface and relevant features, can be the big difference between making it easier to convert new investors or driving them further away. For the user, simplicity, safety and agility are key factors, especially in a market like high-performance investments.

After sitting down with Leste and understanding their objectives, we designed the app's interface, structured its entire back-end and built a robust back-office system to help manage potential clients. We also designed a web version of this same system, accessible from any browser, and a new Sign Up stage, which makes it easier to register new potential investors.

With the application delivered and maintained by us, investors now have product offers and information in the palm of their hands! Soon, they will also be able to track their returns and make new investments.

The experience was so positive that we ended up adding a second development phase to the project, this time also including a new website.

Solutions implemented:

– API development for the application’s Sign Up process

– Interface design

– UX mapping and design

– Backoffice structuring for customer management

– Back-end development with functionalities for controlling offers and products

– Web version implementation

– New institutional website design and development

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