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EvoB is a 100% online platform focused on offering courses and events for the beauty market. It was up to Usabit's creative and development team to start a company from scratch with a management platform that combined agility and highly functional user experience. Through a great deal of research, we created a platform inspired by systems such as Sympla and Eventbrite, startups that are now the leading players in the ticket sales management market.

Features developed:

  • – Receiving payment by boleto and credit cards, including international ones;
  • – Managing discount coupons and ticket lots;
  • – Managing and communicating with participants for prospecting and marketing;
  • – Managing speakers, lecturers and teachers;
  • – Ability to create multiple stores, functioning as an event marketplace;
  • – Sharing the event on social networks;
  • – Complete dashboard with sales and performance data;
  • – Management of check-ins via an app for users, with authentication via QRcode;
  • – Issuing of completion certificates.
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Next, EvoB asked for a service capable of offering distance learning courses to users. Once again, we made our team available to create an exclusive platform to meet the client’s needs. We developed an effective system of video classes with live streaming of events over the internet. Based on a platform created by a startup called AIO, we incorporated it into Usabit’s products and remodeled it with some new features.

Learn about its features:

– Live broadcast;
– Insertion of polls and questions during lessons;
– Playlist management;
– Modules creation

With this experience, we once again put our communication and development skills to the test, and managed to assure the success of EvoB’s new digital products.

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