CBN, Rádio Globo e BH FM

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The SGR - Sistema Globo de Rádio is one of the country's leading radio companies. An Usabit client for two years, SGR runs a pool of radio stations: CBN, which has the largest audience in the country; Rádio Globo, which is in first place in the music radio sector; and BH FM, the largest radio station in the Belo Horizonte region. And in order for information and music, of course, to reach their listeners in real time and without any instability, Usabit plays a fundamental role.

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The story

Our team was responsible for the development and redesign of the streaming apps, in native language for Android and iOS. When radio stations make their digital signal available to Usabit, they provide the file containing the live information. In other words: the signal, which used to arrive via the antenna, now arrives via internet and gains new possibilities through the apps. The system that users have access to is very simple: they press the player button to listen to the radio. And that's it!

But behind all that is the application that Usabit has developed so that anyone can listen to the radio station of their choice. Even if the user can't imagine the features that are part of this app, our team controls the functionalities needed for the best user experience, which is achieved through a well-built and easy-to-use interface. This is made possible by having well-programmed code that manages its functionalities. After all, our aim is always to make it as easy and intuitive to use as possible.

The features:

  • – Podcast management;
  • – Download for offline listening;
  • – Streaming quality monitoring;
  • – Reconnect to avoid loss of transmission;
  • – Choose which station to listen to the broadcast from;
  • – Radio program schedule;
  • – Timer to turn off the broadcast;
  • – Text and audio news;
  • – Sending messages;
  • – Audio sharing;
  • – Management of journalist profiles;
  • – Followers of journalists as in a social network;
  • – User management.
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With so many features, the user has at their disposal an application that has excellent visual interface, whether it’s used live or on demand, and is free of bugs. And at a time when all communication channels are showing undeniable growth in the face of crisis, investing in a cutting-edge app guarantees total customer loyalty. After all, more and more people are looking for quality information quickly and without compromising the way it reaches them.

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