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Reach students and get new registrations

Landing Pages

Improve your conversions, capture new leads or take your user to take an action to impact your results quickly and effectively. We do everything from copy and layout to development and SEO!

LGPD Consulting

Talk to our legal expert to ensure that your company complies with the rules of the new General Data Protection Law and avoid headaches.


Acquire a team of experts to develop or optimize an app, adding functionality, redesigning layouts and flows to make it exactly how your brand needs it.

Data Security

Vulnerabilities can be found in systems, which can compromise information security. Count on our experts to execute data protection best practices.


As you may already know, the DPO is in charge of data and came about with the implementation of the new general data protection law. That is, if your company handles personal data of its users, the presence of a DPO will be necessary. Usabit can help you better understand and adapt your operation to the new legislation.

Data Collection and Processing

Here Usabit’s service is to help the customer to do this. Operate data collection.


Aqui o serviço da Usabit é auxiliar o cliente a fazer isso. Operar a coleta de dados.


Acquire a team of experts to develop or optimize an app, adding functionality, redesigning layouts and flows to make it exactly how your brand needs it.


Integrate your online store with a secure and easy-to-use payment system, based on the same technology used by the largest e-commerces on the market.

Teaching marketplace

Enter the world of digital education with an online education platform complete with an area for selling courses, customer support and display of text and audiovisual content.


Implement streaming functionality on your website or develop a platform from scratch and engage your target audience with classes, training or entertainment content.

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A success story

Saúde e Beleza

Understand how we created an 100% online platform to sell courses and events for one of the biggest players in the beauty market!

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Cases de sucesso

The complete transformation of digital presence for one of the largest ecosystems for superior education in Brazil.

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