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Nowadays, having a digital presence makes all the difference to any business. In the case of Dufry, it's no different. A Usabit client, the chain, which boasts the title of the world's largest travel retailer (with a presence in the main airports, ports and on board airplanes and cruises all over the globe), has a robust website capable of providing a high-level online experience for the user. The site works as follows: the customer can chose the product online and, when they are at the physical store at the airport, finish the purchase. It's as simple as that!


Usabit takes care of the site's visual identity, as well as all the campaigns for commemorative dates such as Mother's Day, Birthdays, Christmas, among others. In addition, as part of the website maintenance service, we take care of all the updates, from product changes to prices, always in accordance with the client's requests. The service also offers weekly e-mail marketing to registered customers, which is essential for Dufry's communication with its customers. Skilled email marketing offers tools capable of monitoring lead conversion, relationship strategies, exclusive offers, as well as maintaining a direct channel with your target audience.

Therefore, creating a successful digital product is essential if you want your brand to reach customers quickly, effectively and with all the necessary support.

How we did it:

  • – Delivering excellent UX;
  • – Analyzing and monitoring user behavioral data;
  • – Offering a personalized shopping experience, according to the customer’s preferences;
  • – Investing in opinions about the items purchased, so that new buyers have access to information;
  • – Creating customized offers;
  • – Engaging users with benefits, visual identity and opinions from other users;
  • – Providing clear details of delivery, payment, exchanges and warranty, always with maximum transparency;
  • – Listening to complaints from users in other stores and, based on this, developing a self-sufficient platform that delivers usability to the end customer.
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