Innovation with a tailor-made management system

How we simplified logistics for approving new projects, audited, and measured results with a single tool

The client

TIM is one of the leading telecommunication operators in Brazil, recognized for its national coverage, technological innovation, and commitment to the quality of services offered. With a wide range of products and solutions, including mobile and fixed internet, as well as digital services, TIM has been a pioneer in bringing advanced technologies to the Brazilian market, such as 5G. Its brand is synonymous with connectivity, customer experience, and corporate responsibility, reflecting its commitment to providing accessible and high-quality communication throughout the country.

The problem

The SMB (Small and Medium-sized Business) area of TIM was looking for a way to increase the speed of its internal pipeline for new projects. In the current system, each proposal had to go through emails and PowerPoint presentations to obtain approval from various departments, such as compliance, legal, and finance, before moving forward.

Since there was no automated control of the information flow or response from each department, the entire process ended up being extremely bureaucratic and confusing, with difficult communication, resulting in loss of time and resources.

To address this logistical issue, our solution was to develop a fully customized internal auditing system tailored to TIM's needs.




Reduce rework and complexity in the internal innovation pipeline



Optimize investments in project approval and execution



Update governance and transparency capabilities

Automation and systematization

After understanding TIM's workflows, we built a customized system based on the Kanban model. With it, each stage, pending task, and deadline started to be duly notified in real-time, ensuring that all departments were aligned with the pipeline of each project. The registration of new projects was also simplified with a modular form.

Audit and results measurement

Each approval, feedback or edit made in the projects proposal also began to be recorded in an audit panel, while data such as the number of active briefings per area or time spent in the pipeline stages started to be displayed on a BI dashboard.

100% customized back and front-end

Since the prototyping phase, the entire front-end was built based on the information from TIM's brand manual, including tone, key terms, and visual ID. The back-end, on the other hand, was developed in C#, with support in Azure and full support for TIM's APIs, aiming to facilitate the platform's integration into the company's ecosystem.

A complete solution

Compared to the previous process, the new tailor-made system offered greater transparency and data generation, more organization, and reduced time and rework costs for TIM, addressing many of the problems the company faced.

"Usabit was an extremely strategic partner, as they didn't just focus on the solution, but worked and reflected together with our team on the business needs and which requirements would have the most value at that moment for the product and should be our focus."

Fernando Pontes

Service Creation Director TIM

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