Want to bring your company into the digital age? We help you

Want to bring your company into the digital age? We help you

26 May, 2020 por Usabit

Companies that have been in the market for some time, often end up having difficulty staying on top with the entry of new competitors. Such competitors, who often come on the market with a fresher and more modern view of business and become great threats.
The arrival of the “digital age” was one of those moments for more traditional companies, many of them know they need to modernize or even reinvent the way they treat their businesses but have been operating for so long in the same way, have become stagnant and do not know how to change their processes. So here are 5 tips to help your company get into the digital world:
1- Form a diverse team
Many think that a company that works right is one where peace and calm are seen daily. A whole team thinking like one and accepting each idea together. In text this may seem beautiful but the truth is that this is not at all productive in real life. The best ideas come in chaos, when a team of different people with different backgrounds and thoughts come together and discuss a rough idea until, with the contribution of each one, it is stoned into a true diamond. A team of fresh minds with different perspectives is something essential to take your company a step forward in the era of innovation
2- Do not look inside
It may seem pretty obvious but researching what is going on in the marketplace can be something that many companies set aside or do wrong. Market research should not be just about numbers and who is ahead in sales. You need to see what other companies around the world are doing, what makes them different and how they use technology to their benefit. “What are they different about? What is succeeding? What is my target audience talking about now?” This type of research can be far more enriching than hundreds of spreadsheets with market numbers.
3- Talk to your audience
If your audience is choosing another company instead of yours, believe me, they have a motive. Then ask. Talk to your audience and understand your mind, watch what they use and why they use it, how they behave and why they behave like that, ask what they like about the product or service they use and what they would like to see in the marketplace. A company does not need to read minds, it just needs to be interested in knowing what your audience wants and going after the information. It’s no use investing millions in making a car faster when in fact what consumers wanted was a more comfortable seat.
4- Reinvent yourself always
A big change in a company is already a difficult process, but in fact, one big change is not enough. Many companies sin to think that a great reinvention is what will make them succeed but the truth is that the market is constantly changing so a single big repaginada is not enough. It is necessary to monitor the market the top time and see what is happening out of our world. And not only really monitor, it is necessary to keep up with these changes and always be adapting and reaping the best of news to apply in your own business.
5- Engage your team to change with you
Any change will be 1000x harder if, in addition to the diversities, you still have to fight with a team reluctant and stuck to the old habits. So do not impose changes, but convince and guide your team to change along with you. Explain why the changes and how they will be a positive thing for everyone, some will be more difficult than others, but with calm and determination it is possible to make the team fight together for the future of their company.
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